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LOVE this:

June 17, 2009

I originaly found this blog thanks to the magnificent Gala Darling. (And she is so right! It’s super fun to read it out loud in my horrendous French accent!) This recent entry particularly caught my eye:

“She looks at me with eyes wide open, says hello back, but not quite sure how to address me and looks for where I fit into the social strata with her bionic eye for these things, doesn’t see the Loubout’ clutch bag that I left in the other room, sees that my jean jacket is not the most official looking of attire, which is, of course, true, it’s from Zara, and then skipped massively low-cut suede entirely too fast as her inspection stopped when she found the blatant indicator: my camera.”

From “Girl, who are you?” on Garance Doré.
(Or, you could read it in its native French!)

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