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Wake up; Get up; Get out; MOVE IT!

July 29, 2009

Hey there GIRL…

Get out of bed. Make yourself scarce. Stop lolling in your sleepy bliss.

Go out and see the world. Brush your teeth. Groom your hair.

Yeah it feels good, to lay in bed all day and slumber. And dream. And be only with Yourself. Or maybe just watch tv. Or cuddle. All these things feel good.

But get up. Get out. Too much of any good thing can be bad for you.

Like chocolate. Like dreaming. Like hugs. Like glitter.

Too much chocolate and you gain weight. Too much dreaming and you forget how to live. Too many hugs and you forget how to fight. Too much glitter gets in your eyes and blocks out the sun.

Get up. Put on your fiercest outfit and GO! Brush your teeth. Put your hair into that cute hairstyle you saw in that magazine. Put on some shoes and start walking. Walk around your neighborhood. Walk in the mall. Walk around your school campus. Just walk.

See the world around you.

Your next door neighbor. (When was the last time you two spoke?) The little teeny-boppers who think they own the world. (When was the last time you felt that confident in yourself?) The old buildings with thousands of individual stories held in a single hallway. (How many have walked your same steps before you ever even crossed the threshold?)

Take it all in. It’s beautiful. Smell it. Taste it. Touch it. Then photograph it.

You heard right. Take a picture.

Of the yappy dog down the street that always craps in your yard. Of the girls who only care about the latest trend their favorite store starts. Of the gum stuck under a desk. Whatever strikes your fancy–photograph it.

Go home. Put it on a board. Repeat this process once a week. Add glitter and sparkles and post-it notes and stickers and giant lipstick hearts–whatever strikes your fancy. Pretty soon it will be filled. White spaces will become color. Blankness will become life.

Take a good look at it. These are your reasons for getting out of bed every morning. These are your reasons for living. So don’t stop. Not now. Not ever. (Because yes, even the gum stuck under the desk would lose meaning if there was no one to discover it.)

Isn’t it beautiful?

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