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An exercise in positivity, inspired by the many extraordinary beings I have encountered both online and off.


Megan C. Lim

I am awkward and dorky and I love it. I watch Star Trek and have a good portion of the DC Comics Encyclopedia memorized. I attend anime conventions and revel in the glory that is the universe that surrounds us.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on life, especially when the situation doesn’t call for it. I don’t shy away from things because they are “inappropriate” for someone of my age. I’m not going to be afraid and hide who I am and I would rather be alone than surrounded by people that do not love me as I am. I’m not afraid to say when I am fascinated by something I have encountered–regardless of how small and simple it may seem.

I enjoy jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain. I like to visit book stores and museums. I never have enough time to finish what I’d like to do. My constant muse and inspiration is the universe around me.

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